FORBES: THE 99 SWEEPING THE GLOBE (20 Trends Sweeping The Globe)

Swash-Buckle With The 99
Forbes identifies THE 99 as one of the top 20 trends sweeping the world….

fw_-forbes_-the-99-sweeping-the-globe.jpegIt’s 1258. The Mongols have just invaded Baghdad. They destroyed the library, but the Guardians of Wisdom manage to preserve 99 “stones of enlightenment,” which are scattered to the winds. So begins The 99, a comic book in which each superhero possesses one of Islam’s godly attributes, like wisdom, farsightedness or healing power. The series has become a phenomenon in the Arab world; when Teshkeel Comics–exclusive Arabic-language distributor of Marvel Entertainment comics like Spider-Man and The Hulk–launched The 99 in Kuwait in 2006, regional sales of the Muslim comic book were second only to Superman. The 99 debuted in the Indonesia and U.S. in 2007


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